Making Money


Local English-language papers often hire native speakers as copy editors. This is a great way to support yourself while freelancing. These jobs also help you get to know local reporters, who can help you with everything from contacts, to finding translators, to understanding the context of current events.

The Voice of America hires stringers for radio, TV and web news. Contact the nearest bureau.

Free Speech Radio News is very open to freelancers, even those with little radio experience. Pacifica Radio is another possible market.

Stay in town during major holidays when everyone else takes vacation. You can pick up strings for other people, which often, eventually, leads to steady work.

Work all your contacts. Start before you leave the country. Talk to every potential media client you can find and try to get them to commit to taking stories. Get back in touch soon after you arrive.

International Media Job Lists


JournalismJobs: (NGO jobs):

Teaching English

Dave’s ESL Cafe has an international job board and other great resources.


One Response to Making Money

  1. Bill says:

    Freelancing is the best money making route, no bosses and all of the freedom you could want! Of course it takes a lot of work and self-motivation. Journalism while traveling is a great route when you have enough to start your first travel.

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